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The Blast

Directed and developed by - Lilleth Glimcher

Written by - Dan Giles

Commissioned by - Amanda Hameline, Rebecca Feinberg, Shelby Leshine 

Presented by - Amanda + James

@The Westbeth Artist Building 

Performed by and created in collaboration with: Itamar Segev, Rebeca Rad, Tobi Aremu, Georgina Parfitt, Jen Tchiakpe, and Mark Mauriello

Adapted from a 1947 pulp novel by Stuart Cloete about the last two people on earth and their pack of hunting dogs, The Blast imagines a new American apocalypse, and the children who inherit the earth. 

A blood-soaked fairytale, a theatrical monstrosity, a wild new world born howling in a bright atomic blast.

Set Designer - Brooke Herr

Lighting Designer - Kelley Shih

Sound Designer - Julius Tedaldi

Costume Designer - Dominique Fawn-Hill


Photos: Brigid Marz

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