The Trojan Women

adaptation by Ellen McLaughlin

directed by Anne Cecelia Haney

performed @ The Flea Theater

The women of Troy have been sold into slavery. Their husbands are dead, their city destroyed, and it seems as though the gods have forgotten them. As they wait to be taken away, the women grapple with grief, fear and the gravity of total loss.Known as the first anti-war play in the western canon, Euripides’ The Trojan Women presents an enduring message about the consequences of war.

Cast: Amanda Centeno, Chun Cho, Clea DeCrane, Phil Feldman, Lindsley Howard, Jenny Jarnagin, Thomas Muccioli, Rebeca Rad, Kyra Riley, DeAnna Supplee, Jennifer Tchiakpe, Casey Wortmann


“Searing…grimly timeless”— Time Out New York

“The Trojan Women Haunt The Flea” — Times Square Chronicles

“Booming and crackling with emotion”—Off-Off Online