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Jennifer is an actor, performer and photographer born in Paris, from a Syrian mother and Beninese father.​​​ She spent most of her childhood in a public boarding school, outside of Paris. ​

She studied Physical Education, before earning a Bachelor's Degree in Film Studies from the University of Saint Denis/Versailles.​​​​​​​​​​​

She studied acting at HB Studio and Atlantic Acting School among other training such as Suzuki/Viewpoints workshops with Siti Company, Shakespeare with Brian McManamon and other classes. 

She was a member of Samurai Sword Soul - a Japanese Sword Fighting Company - for 5 years. They practice and perform the art of TATE all year long (

She regularly collaborates and performs with international artists across the globe in galleries and museums. 

Her dancing background, athleticism and fascination for the moving body greatly influence her work and artistic choices.


Her photography aims to capture secrecy, be it in analog or digital.  

She currently lives between New York City and Paris.

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